Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I am holed up in the office, listening to 96 Rock (the only decent rock station in Cincinnati), and churning out all the information that I am responsible for here at LDWS. It doesn’t help that today I feel a bit fuzzy thanks to a couple of glasses of David Bruce Petite Sirah 2005 ($17.98) - I am a real lightweight - which was really a perfect wine for Halloween (since my wife wouldn’t let me open the Phantom).

Website, newsletter, wines of the month, emails – my office day leaves me feeling like some sort of hermit, emerging from the “cave” long enough to grab another soda or some non-nutritious nosh to further expand my waistline. I tell ya, if I was a raging claustrophobe, I’d be royally screwed.

In a way though, it’s nice to gather up all the information I ingest over the week and log it in, circulating it to our client base and anyone else crazy enough to wade through my slightly subversive prose. I just in front of my laptop in my office (which is kind of a big fuse box for the stores with a really heavy old steel desk and various scattered papers, pictures of my glory days, and various business cards from all the reps and wine folk I’ve met over the years. It’s just a receptacle for controlled chaos, really.

This month, being that it’s my birthday month, I’ll be talking about Italian wines (my favorite wines on earth), along with more Petite Sirahs (thanks to Jo Diaz of Juicy Tales for reigniting my interest in PS), and some of the new wines trickling in from around the world.

Stay tuned.

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Jo said...

Halloween seemed to conjure up lots of thoughts about PS for the holiday. Honestly, I used to think of PS as a wine for the Fourth of July, Valentine's Day (PS I Love You tie-in), but this holiday I found everyone and his/her brother talking about PS as a dark, inky brew.

I even blogged about it as that, being so inspired by others. Maybe PS is finding it's way into the most cult and mysterious wine out there for this time of year?

Happy to help you find your way back to it!

Also, the David Bruce is a very unique choice in PS, because David's history as a Pinot Noir master has him create one of the most elegant, flavorful but soft in the tannins, Petite's.

Thanks for the mention, and enjoy Petite from now thought our upcoming hearty holidaze!