Friday, November 14, 2008

Perfect Pitch Pinot

Isn’t it interesting that cool weather and a cool climate pinot noir can actually make for one warm evening?

This was exactly the formula for one of our bi-annual wine dinners, which included some LD staff and some Reps in the biz. The weather was cool, the wine came from someplace even cooler, but the dinner table was warm and aglow with candles and rather lively chatter.

We sampled a truly excellent pinot, Foley Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2005. We’ve carried this one before, but I had never had the opportunity to try it. I was at first struck with the nose, that lightness of scent and a slight woodsiness. The palate was the perfect pitch: somewhere in between medium and full-bodied, with just the right amount of oak and fruit. Delicious. It even went well with the beef tenderloin and pumpkin soup that was served. I’m sure it would be a great match with turkey as well for the upcoming stuff-your-face-day!

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