Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Grade: OUTSTANDING. The Mojo: The Villa Brondello Primitivo 2007 ($7.98 special) is a red wine I’ve been after for a couple of vintages now but have always been a bit too late. Here’s a spectacular value in Italian red, medium-bodied, with slight spicy red and black fruit flavors, hints of earth and game, and a finish that would lend itself well to Mediterranean or Italian cuisine. It’s lower alcohol (around 13%) is relatively tame compared to its California Zin brethren, and exudes a dark, sexy mystique without being too hulking. A great bottle of wine for the price.

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Hannes Minkema said...

I am fon of the roundness and depth of a Primitivo wine, but the 2012 release of Villa Brondello leaves me totally cold and disappointed. Its colour is inkly dark, close to a Cahors, but its nose is weak up to hardly existant, and its taste is directly bitter, not fruity at all, and 'earthy' is the best compliment I can give to its aftertaste, which for the remainder isn't worth mentioning.

I would give some money for not having to taste this wine again. The 'Villa Brondello', if it exists at all (which is doubtful, try to locate it on any map) apparently has a continuity problem.