Monday, November 3, 2008


The narcissistic streak in me has come out frowning with the Enobytes posting of Google's Top 100 Wine Blogs. Obviously, being only 6 months old, we weren't noticed, but I don't think any of the wine blogs from this area got any props. It's nice to be recognized, but as the old adage goes, you must crawl before you can walk. And we're still crawling.

I don't know how people feel about Wine Store blogs anyway, seeing as how we may or may not just be prostituting ourselves, schlepping product and so on. Yet I think that I (and my staff) have something fresh and different to talk about, the eccentricities of wine retail, dealing with wholesalers, meeting winemakers and importers, as well as striving to make wine a more communal experience for not only our clientele, but all our friends out in cyberspace.

Maybe someday, we'll be noticed. Right now, we're the Rodney Dangerfields of wine blogging.


Mike said...

I feel your pain...I didn't make the cut, either.

And having read a bunch of those, I think we certainly surpass them by leaps and bounds in most cases.

k2 said...


Amen bro. My biggest gripe I guess is that there are a lot of blogs listed that haven't been updated in a LONG time - like Basic Juice.

It's just crazy.

Oh well. Screw em. That's what my mom always said.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, at the risk of Web 2.0 heresy, I don't put much stock in the Google list. It all depends on what you're looking for. I have a fairly regionally focused blog, as do you, really, so I'm not surprised we're not on there. We'd all pop up for Cincinnati wine blogs, I'm sure (not that I've tried). There are enough rankings out there, such as Alawine and Alltop where I'm in the Top 100 - sometimes the Top 20 - so it's all in the numbers, yes?