Friday, November 7, 2008


Tuesday night I watched history happen. Glued to my TV, I, along with the rest of the nation (well, half of it at least) finally had something to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate the future than with a bottle of Champagne!

But alas! I was watching the speeches all alone, which is hardly the proper environment to open up a bottle of bubbly. So I’m saving my celebrating for this weekend. Anyone else thinking of celebrating Obama’s victory, here are some of my favorite sparklers: (and just in time for the holidays!)

Gruet Brut ($14.99): This sparkler and Obama have something in common…both are loved in New Mexico! This almost spicy white is made in New Mexico and has a nice dry finish. A great deal at this price point.

Domaine Carneros Brut Rose ($31.98): My favorite sparkling wine on our shelves, this wine is feminine, delicate, and smells like roses. Dry, and extremely approachable, this wine is also made by a woman…I’m sure Hilary would endorse it.

Gobillard Brut Tradtion ($47.98): Who wouldn’t want to celebrate with a bottle of Dom Perignon? Instead, try this Champagne that’s more reasonably priced. Grown from the same vineyards as the prestigious brand, this champagne is even allowed to have the monk on the label. I wonder if Sarkozy sent Obama a bottle along with his congratulations letter?

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