Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am not a real fan of network TV anymore. All the shows that I get into (aside from House) are always teetering on the brink of extinction (Jericho anyone? And now My Own Worst Enemy?). The shows that remain on the air (insert ANY reality show here) pretty much suck. So whenever I hear the phrase SEASON FINALE, I greet it with a modicum of skepticism.

However, in a completely different use of the phrase, our own wine tasting season finale (which comes before a 5 week hiatus, allowing us to regroup during the silly season) is this coming weekend (for all those still in shock from Turkey-and-in-laws OD).

This weekend, our two-part tasting will feature a total of 12 wines, 6 at each store, and presented in a sort-of continuous decadence - all part of our way of thanking all of our customers for a great year. This tradition was begun the year we began our tastings, 3 years ago (or was it 4?) and we always try to outdo ourselves (I am having a hard time reaching my back for self-congratulatory backpatting, so could you do it for me?).

The lineup is as follows:

Part 1 - Marc Herbert Brut Selection NV, Mischief & Mayhem Chablis 2006, Thelema Chardonnay 2006, Mirabile Viognier 2006, P. Delesvaux Anjou Authentique 2005 and Lemelson Pinot Noir Thea's Selection 2006.

Part 2 - Remirez de Ganuza Rioja 2002, Papapietro Perry Pinot Noir Charles Vineyard 2006, Mirabile Tannat 2005, Mollydooker Shiraz Blue Eyed Boy 2007, Chateau Monbousquet St.-Emilion 2003 and Pedestal Merlot 2005.

Friday night, part 1 will be on tap at our Covington store and part 2 at Fort Thomas. Saturday afternoon will be the reverse.
As with all of our tastings, there is no charge whatsoever. So please, don't be shy, come on in, and tell a few dozen of your friends too.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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