Friday, October 31, 2008


So the plan is fairly simple, take home a bottle of Bogle Phantom 2005 ($17.98), cook some burgers for me and the Mrs., pour some candy into the big black smoky bowl my mother bought me from some antiques store that burned down, and sit outside waiting for frostbitten trick-or-treaters tonight, enjoying a clear sky and a neighborhood filled with nosy kids, screaming parents, and qite possibly, a high school football game (Beechwood High is just around the corner).

It's the simple things in life that make the silly season a bit more bearable. Oh, if I could only scrounge up some good holiday metal to annoy the neighborhood. Or maybe just play that damn "Monster Mash" song over and over again.

November will be bringing a more hectic work schedule, frayed nerves at home, less hours in the day to get anything done (or so it will seem), constant muscle pulls and strains, the holidays, and of course, a new president.

Until then, happy halloween!

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