Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was reading Tom Wark’s latest post on his Fermentation blog, regarding the frequency of blog posts, and wasn’t quite sure how to take it. For me, once I get wrapped up in something, I feel compelled to get into a DAILY routine about it, otherwise, I quickly lose interest. With the Grape Tree blog, I feel compelled to offer up something every day, even if it is to simply post tasting notes. Being a wine buyer, that seems simple enough, given the fact that on average, I taste anywhere from 20-100 wines a week, depending on how much time I can allow for tasting (either with staff, sales reps, or solo).

And while most of my blogging peers are in this for credibility (and I must admit, I am too), this particular blog is an extension of the Liquor Direct Web site and therefore, an extension of the stores themselves. Running the wine buying department here, I don’t always get time to talk to the customers on a regular basis, and with all the new wines coming through each week, it is hard to keep the customers up on new things. Hence, the need for our blog – a means to convey a lot of the new goings-on in the wine world to our customers, as well as make some new friends in cyberspace, seemed logical.

The hope is that I (we) can maintain an almost-daily posting schedule through the holidays, but since this is a new frontier for me, as well as the store, that’s all “up in the air.” In the meantime, we'll just keep doing what we are doing.

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