Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Grade: OUTSTANDING. The Mojo: One of the most-noteworthy value producers from California (and there ain’t too many of them left) is Bogle, a family-owned and operated winery that prides itself on making really good, affordable wine, and nothing else. One of their flagship wines is their Petite Sirah 2006 ($7.98), which year after year, proves to be one of the best red wines under $10 on the market.

The 2006 is certainly impressive at first glance, with its deep purple coloring (the first few bars of “Smoke On The Water” or “Perfect Strangers” springs to mind right now) and the aromas of blue and black fruit wafting from the glass. It is fairly opaque, revealing just small hints of light and translucency. There are notes of vanilla, cinnamon and oak in the nose as well, and all lend themselves to the supple dark fruits and supple tannins upon first taste. It actually gives you a bit of peppery grapey-ness as well as good presence of acidity. It almost gives me the impression of blackberry nectar, and the finish is fresh yet dry. This red is pretty fantastic for the money, and even with the economy sucking the way it does, you could still afford to buy this one by the case.

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