Sunday, October 12, 2008



The time has arrived for wineries to start putting freaky labels on their bottles for Halloween. Shannon actually came up with the idea of displaying some of these wines in our store. Ghost Pines (that’s right folks, the Cabernet is back and we grabbed about half of Kentucky’s supply), Pinot Evil, Seven Deadly Zins, Temptation Zin, and Evil Cabernet are among some of these wines that would be ideal to bring along to some freaky-deaky Halloween party. You would definitely be the life of the party showing up in your little red hookn’ in the hood costume with a bottle of Big Red Monster. It seems us ladies like to use Halloween as an excuse to dress sexy as hell so I can’t think of a more appropriate wine for the occasion.

I sampled a bottle of Big Red Monster and let me tell you, the name gives you a forewarning of what to expect out of this wine. As Alfonse would say, “Big as a house!” Make sure you open it in the car on the way over so you don’t need to gnaw on a steak while you’re drinking it. If you are planning on stealing the costume idea mentioned above, I would stick it in your basket with some other sleazy goodies and skip around offering a swig to everyone. We don’t currently carry this wine so if it sounds fun, shoot Kevin an e-mail with a suggestion. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

We've always used Vina Borgia as our Halloween wine. Even though it has nothing to do with them, the Borgia Popes (and daughter/sister Lucretia Borgia) pretty much had a reign of terror in Europe ages and ages ago. Everytime we take it to a Halloween party, people stare at it, then something in their memory triggers the old history lesson, and they love it. Okay, subtle, but Halloween-y none the less.