Wednesday, October 8, 2008


There are those dreaded wine allocations that come along a wine buyer's desk that just make him or her want to throw themselves in front of a fast moving train. Today is just one of those times with the arrival of our highly anticipated, enormously miniscule allotment of Mollydooker 2007s.

These wines garner huge accolades from Spectator and Parker, and have enough alcohol to be classified fortified wine without any need of extra brandy or cognac. Yet after hearing Sparky Marquis physically tell me that production would increase each year to keep up with the foreseen demand (he visited our store just after the 2005s were released), each year since the amount that not only we get but that this area gets as well has diminished significantly. I really have enough to sell to just a few of the customers on my ever-burgeoning waiting list.

Since tasting some of the 2005s, I don't dare try the current releases because of the fact there is just an eyedropper's worth to go around, so I am only relying on my initial impressions, which were that they (the wines) are far too extracted for my tastes (I might think of using them as a substitute for blueberry syrup for my pancakes though), but the folks driven to buy by the massive points these wines receive, more power to ya. I just wish I had more to sell because nothing screams at you to "eat @#$% and die" like a customer mad that you can't get anymore of what they want.

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