Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I’ve been feeling a little scatter-brained as of late, where usually my wine and entertainment choices tend to hover around one theme, (i.e., Burgundy and Amelie, pesto penne with pinot grigio…), they now are really just all over the place. Let me give you one example:

The other night I wanted to try a new wine we just got in, Mirabile Inzolia. After asking Kevin if he knew what the blend was, I foolishly learned that Inzolia is actually a white grape varietal grown primarily in Sicily. (What’s worse is that we actually carry another brand of this varietal, except it is spelled Insolia.) So what did I pair with my new varietal experience? Some insalata caprese? A friendly game of futbol? No. The movie Risky Business.

Where this might seem like an odd choice, let me explain that I have never seen the movie (which worked well, because I had never had this wine). Interestingly enough, a new Italian white and a classic pre-pubescent Cruise were actually the perfect pairing. The wine progressed slowly on the palate, and showed some interesting spicy notes. It was a bit acidic, but not too citrusy. And the movie followed suit, a little slow at first, but by the time the call girls showed up there was definitely some spice thrown in.

Another interesting wine happening of note: The French government limiting wine writing, wine access and wine advertising. It seems funny that something so inherently French, such as wine, would have such puritanical laws put around it. What’s next? They’re knocking down the Eiffel Tower because it appears too blasé?

Maybe this is just another ‘sign of the times’. The financial world is an upheaval, and apparently, so is the wine world. Stay tuned, wine is sure to ‘bounce back’.

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