Tuesday, October 7, 2008


[Our wine guy Corey - Mr. Bogdan to all his 5th graders - evokes a bit of Rod Stewart on this one.]

"If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy..."

You want sexy? I’ll give you sexy! Have a gander at the Gaudium Gran Vino 2001 by (Marques de) Caceres. It’s simply a sultry Spanish sipper supplemented by silly silkiness. This tempranillo blend is a high-end bottle that you quite simply deserve. I had the pleasure, honor, and glory of sampling this bottle at a recent staff meeting, and my eyes literally widened. To say that Marques de Caceres is the Kendall Jackson of Spain is a gross understatement. They outproduce most of all other Spanish winemakers combined. However, even amongst their Reservas, Gran Reservas, and the like, they still find it in their hearts to make something as glorious as this wine. Need to impress someone? Drop this on them and they will hold you in much higher standing. Not done yet? Tell them that Gaudium is Latin for satisfaction, joy, and pleasure of the senses. Didn’t I tell you this was sexy? Making it even sexier is that this was aged for over 42 months before release, with at least 18 years in French Oak. This will pour down your throat like liquid satin sheets. Afterwards, just remember who told you about it, and tell your friends that I was good.

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