Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's getting pretty bleak here in NKY. The word from Frankfurt is that the State House of Reps is going to pass the alcohol tax increase. Not sure where the KY Senate is leaning, but more than likely, it will pass there too. I used to think that the wine & spirits industry was bulletproof in hard economic times, but that just isn't the case anymore, is it. What will result in this tax hike will be the loss of hundreds if not thousands of more jobs in an area already hard hit with layoffs and closings.

[For those of you who haven't heard, take a look at this ad we've posted at http://www.liquordirect.net/.]

Instead of trying to do our jobs for the past several days, our owner has us all in a fever-pitch, writing emails to our local Congress folks, and calling down state, leaving messages to staffers that really don't care - they are more than likely getting paid minimum wage to screen calls and tabulate information that will be ignored by the villianous cretins that we elected.

To be reduced to petty namecalling is just about all we have left. I personally have felt defeated for a long time, simply for more personal reasons, but the compounding of failure by those elected officials who choose to ruin their constituencies instead of saving them, there really isn't much left to do other than call them tyrannical, neanderthal ASSHOLES who would rather get paid in clandestine business deals with shady special interest groups who would rather save us from sin than the unemployment line.

To all our customers and fellow wine fans, we will all just have to wait and see how it turns out. To Governor Beshear and the State Senators and Representatives who I am almost certain will do the wrong thing - Eat Shit you bastards.

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k2 said...

I have gotten some positive response from the State Reps and Senators from Northern KY, saying that most oppose this tax hike, but it's the a-holes downstate that are proving the most problematic.