Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I wish I could take joy in the impending “I told you so” mantra I know with 100% certainty I will be saying 6 months from now, but knowing that I will be out of a job thanks to a bunch of backward-thinking tax-addicted Democrats (I can’t believe you assholes are gonna make me go Republican!) who are, by weeks’ end, going to turn the booming Northern Kentucky area into a friggin’ ghost town.

Yet here it is, as reported by Tom Loftus of the Louisville Courier Journal, who says that the House Budget Committee has voted 19-9 in favor of the proposed tax hikes to cigarettes and alcohol. Thanks to glaringly gargantuan blunders in past legislation, the state budgetary shortfall will be made up by putting thousands of folks in Northern Kentucky out of business and out of work. It is what you can come to expect from those who spend so much time out at the horse track, imitating the horses by wearing blinders to the world.

At this juncture, after having spent the entire evening emailing every good-for-nothing KY Senator and State Rep. down state (though I have to say thank you to both State Reps. C.B. Embry of Morgantown and Addia Wuchner from the 66th district said they were against this bill, and State Rep. Arnold Simpson, the one committe chairman put his chairmanship on the line by voting no), there really is nothing left to do but wait for the inevitable economic Apocalypse that is to come and curse the whole lot of them for allowing this to happen.

The puritanicals that exist throughout the state, who have relied on taxes from the “wet” counties to pay for THEIR roads and THEIR schools are set for a rude awakening when the tax revenue they BELIEVE will be generated will disappear when the Ohio consumers who have come to KY to spend their money and contribute tax from that money to OUR STATE’S coffers decide KY taxes are too high and shop in THEIR OWN STATE. We’ll more than likely hear them singing a different tune come next year when they realize just how badly THEY screwed up.

And all you Republicans out there, start lining up your candidates now, because I am most certain that the Dems have sounded the Death Knell of their party in this red state.
Oh, and those keeping score: responsible parties for this impending clusterf@#$ are State Reps. Harry Moberly of Richmond and Rick Rand of Bedford. And by the way, on the fence are LOCAL State Sens. Jack Westwood (R-Crescent Springs), John Schickel (R-Union) and Katie Stine (R-Southgate). Let your voices be heard. Call them, email them, tell them Vote NO or they’re an asshole and out of a job come election time. And before it gets too bad in NKY, "I told you so..."


k2 said...

State Rep Tim Couch (R-Hyden) says No. Thanks for that!

k2 said...

State Rep James Higdon (R-Lebanon) says No! Keep those againsts coming people!

k2 said...

Keeping you posted. HB 166 goes to the full floor of KY House for vote at 2PM EST. We're hoping for a miracle, but word is that it will pass the House.

dhonig said...

Have you posted on the political blogs?

k2 said...

Thanks dhonig for mentioning us at I'll be hitting the local news about the tax hike tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

so did you lose your job or was this just a big tit wank about nothing?