Saturday, February 14, 2009


A few things to recap...
  • Yes, the KY legislature passed an alcohol tax increase and yes the Governor signed it into law.
  • Yes, I promise that aside from my crusade to see Senator Elizabeth Tori ousted, I won't get political any time soon.
  • Yes, our Fort Thomas store manager, Sean, is departing for greener pastures as a gourmet food sale rep for a major national company.
  • And yes there are some big changes afoot.

So first off, thanks to all of our customers, fellow bloggers and friends of the industry who rallied to fight the bill, despite the loss. This just means that our work is now really cut out for us, and we'll have to work THAT MUCH harder to keep our prices down.

Stay tuned for the Recall Tori! movement.

Sean Glossner has been with us for several years, and we are truly gonna miss the big guy. We wish him all the best and continued success.

And joining us here on Under The Grape Tree, soon will be Sean's replacement, Ray Burwick (this may take some coaxing) who brings years of insight as an on-premise sales rep for wine wholesalers and his unique perspective and exceptional palate. Also soon to join the team is our resident beer guru, Brandon Cubbage, whose experience as a beer wholesale sales rep and a home-brewer will give us terrific reviews on some of the world's top beers, as well as an uber-geek perspective on that marvelous beverage.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

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