Sunday, February 15, 2009


Wasn't it the Senate that did Rome in?

Not that it really matters, now that the King of all Liars, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (“No tax increases!”) has signed the alcohol tax increase into law (and put the final nail in his governorship), I present to you the 24 assholes (new synonym for Senators) who voted to pass this stupid, ill-conceived, lazy, misinformed piece of crap legislation:

Walter Blevins Jr. D-West Liberty
Charlie Borders R-Frankfort
David Boswell D-Owensboro
Perry Clark D-Louisville
Carroll Gibson R-Leitchfield
(Majority "Wimp")
David Givens R-Greensburg
Denise Harper Angel D-Louisville
Ernie Harris R-Crestwood
Tom Jensen R-London
Ray Jones II D-Pikeville
Dan Kelly R-Springfield
Alice Kerr R-Lexington
Vernie McGaha R-Russell Springs
Gerald Neal D-Louisville
R.J. Palmer D-Winchester
(again, the ghosts of my great-grandfather and grandfather are coming after you, R.J. – does that stand for Royal Jackass?)
Jerry Rhoads D-Madisonville
Dorsey Ridley D-Henderson
Tim Shaughnessy D-Louisville
Brandon Smith R-Hazard
Robert Stivers R-Manchester
Johnny Ray Turner D-Drift
David Williams R-Burkesville
Ken Winters R-Murray
Ed Worley D-Richmond

All the NKY Senators actually stood strong and voted no, not that it mattered. We needed two extra votes from the losers down state to say "nay" (The senate required a majority vote of 23 to pass.) Those who didn’t bother to vote because they were too busy hanging out in a cheap motel with cheap Canadian Whisky and some hookers were:

Joey Pendleton D-Hopkinsville
Mike Reynolds D-Bowling Green
(okay, I’ll cut this guy a bit of slack sense he was just elected in a Special election on Tuesday of this week – still should’ve voted no, slacker!)

What I am extremely intrigued about this vote is that the woman I have hung the “I’m Responsible” sign around – Senator Elizabeth Tori – actually voted no. WTF?!!! Why did she open her big mouth in the Appropriations committee if she was going to stick with her first instinct and vote no. I don’t get it. Seriously, does anyone trust anyone who can’t make up their mind when it REALLY COUNTS? If I was living in her district, I would have my doubts right now, no question.

I hope to have the Recall Tori! page up soon as well as a Recall Beshear! page to go along with it. I think they deserve to stand in the political unemployment line together, don’t you?

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