Thursday, February 5, 2009


Our illustrious owner has I think finally seen the need to change the name of our store from Liquor Direct to something more wine appropriate. Our newer customers have always wondered why we are called "Liquor Direct" when our focus is clearly wine.

Well, for a brief history, Liquor Direct has been around for nearly 20 years, yet it was maybe 8 years ago that our owner saw that his business was shifting toward wine. After a couple years of doing the wine buying himself, he felt the need to hire a buyer who was a bit more wine savvy (why he chose me I'll never know).

I always thought it peculiar that with wine dominating our business model, that we haven't changed our name already, but at last the time has come to give ourselves a new moniker.

So this is where we need your help. We'd like suggestions for a new name. Obviously, it has to be something marketable (so M.F. Wine & Spirits and Dirty Bastard Wine & Spirits are definitely out of the question). There may even be some sort of prize involved (though not sure how we'll work that out with the Kentucky ABC). Email your suggestions to me at and this Spring, we'll present the best ones for you, our friends, to pick from.


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