Monday, February 16, 2009


We'll soon have a veritable triumvirate of beer gurus (with Brandon, Ray Burwick, our new Fort Thomas manager, and our store MVP Matt Corley) here at Under the Grape Tree but until that time, you just have to contend with my "quasi-Hannah-Montana-fan-esque" approach to the brews.

Last night, plowing through leftoversand watching "Disaster Movie" with the Mrs., I opened a 22 oz Stone Smoked Porter from Stone Brewery in San Diego. A good dark beer, this brew had just the right amount of hops and malted barley tones, with elements of chocolate, caramel, and smoky, peat undertones. This drinks like a pureed Snickers bar, and tasted perfect with the beef, potatoes, carrots and onions of my homemade pot roast. A truly satisfying beer I split with the wife (who completely out-of-character, LOVED this beer). And at only 5.9% alcohol, it wasn't one that knocked me on my ass.

The perfect beer after a long Sunday at the office (as if any beer wouldn't be).

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