Friday, February 13, 2009


So it's official. The KY Senate passed the tax hike 24-12.

The official word can be found here, courtesy of WLWT-TV here in Cincinnati:

Instead of posting the misinformed troglodytes that voted in favor of the hike, I am singling out one person. Senator Elizbeth Tori (pictured below - I will keep her picture on the side of this blog as a reminder that SHE is Wine and Spirits Industry's Public Enemy #1 in Kentucky).

This is a declaration of war: I am declaring a PR War on Senator Elizabeth Tori of Louisville, who single-handedly got KY HB 166 (144) passed by changing her vote in the KY Senate Appropriations Committee from nay to yea. This "See-You-Next-Tuesday" (it's an acronym folks) has single-handedly assured us in Northern Kentucky an express ticket to being out of business. Might not be tomorrow. Might not be a month from now. But she's done it. To us, to our competition, and to all the businesses that exist around us. Not to mention the Kentucky Distilleries and Wineries, the businesses that get tourist dollars because of them, and anyone else directly or indirectly involved with us.

She did it. It's her fault.

I'll be waging a guerrilla PR war against her - YouTube, political blogs, calling the KY and Louisville Chambers of Commerce every single day to remind them that a call for boycotting the city of Louisville and its corresponding areas and tourist attractions, etc., etc. I will do all I can to make sure she never holds public office ever again.
It's on.
[Added @ 4:57 EST] Thanks to my good friend and fellow wine blogger J. Seeds ( we'll be whipping up Recall Tori! t-shirts and bumper stickers real soon. Get yours today! Just drop me an email and we'll get it to ya ASAP. We're going viral with this so look out.


jseeds said...

Scotch just got a lot tastier than bourbon.

hou said...

Might not be tomorrow. Might not be a month from now. But she's done it.

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