Tuesday, February 3, 2009


First off, I would like to thank everyone who came in and participated in our 2nd Staff “Smackdown” at Liquor Direct this weekend – it was a big success. All of the wines were well-received, and the favorites were selected. Winning the overall competition (with 22% of the votes) was our assistant wine buyer, Shannon, choosing the Bodegas Ateca Armas 2005. Placing second (and winning for the Fort Thomas crew) was store manager Sean with the Orin Swift The Prisoner 2007.

The overall results are as follows:
1. Shannon: Ateca Armas 2005, 22%
2. Sean: Orin Swift The Prisoner 2007, 16%
3. Corey: Torbreck The Struie 2005, 14%
4. (tie) Brandon: Torbreck Woodcutter’s Shiraz 2007 and Matt: O’Brien Seduction 2005, 10%
6. Tom: Hendry Block 28 Zinfandel 2005, 9%
7. Ray: Tintara Reserve Shiraz 2002, 7%
8. Jess: Mas de Can Blau 2005, 6%
9. Mike: Muga Reserva 2004, 5%
10. Alfonse: Ridge Lytton Springs 2006, 2%

It was a spirited battle royale, which yielded the following prospect for our next showcase, which will be in June. Corey suggested we let the winner choose the premise for the next showdown, with the last place finisher getting first selection. Look for June’s dates soon.

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