Sunday, November 1, 2009


A wine I had almost forgotten just how good it was, is the Librandi Ciro Rosso 2007 from the Calabria region of Italy. What on a map could be called the "toe of the boot," Calabria is a warmer climate, nestled between the island of Sicily and the other southernly mainland regions of Basilicata and Puglia. The Librandi Ciro Rosso is 100% Gaglioppo, a grape variety seldom seen outside of its Calabrian habitat. The Gaglioppo grape is usually left for blending, giving its blend a softer edge. The Librandi Ciro Rosso is much like that of a Beaujolais or red Bourgogne, with soft red fruit, hints of allspice and cinnamon, notes of walnuts, and a bright, acidic backbone that matches up nicely with spicy meats, stuffed peppers, and lamb.

This red makes for a fun alternative to the norm. Give it a try.


Todd - VT Wine Media said...

just found this wine this afternoon in Gillingham's Store in downtown Woodstock, VT...we are really enjoying it, a firm bright acidic, rusted cherries, with a fine tannin backbone. Believe it or not, it went beatufully with a dinner that was scallops and sweet baby shrimp sauteed in butter and a green/red curry blend, on top of a liguine that had been done with sweet onions, shallots, anchovies, roasted red peppers, broccolini and some of my family's hot pepper from '05 ( my wife used it as a heated but happy accident!).

I bought ths advertised at a trusted retail as light and tasty, but you know this baby goes down swinging and has a lot more weight than the signage gave it credit for...maybe the weight is hidden by the super acidity, but in any case it had a delicacy that held the scallops gently and and acid rub that acted like an excoriating white. Glad I got a couple of extra bottles, and I hope there are a couple left when we go back on Monday. Cheers.

get abs said...

I really enjoying it, a firm bright acidic, rusted cherries, with a fine tannin backbone.

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