Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving down. Next up Christmahanukwanzaa and New Year's Eve. The last 6-8 weeks of every year seem to be in constant high-speed motion in the retail biz - which is why most of us diehards are in it in the first place. We had a pretty nice, solid influx for T-Day, but to quote the late, great Karen Carpenter, "we've only just begun."

I just finished the last of the order faxes, and I am knee-deep in advert-planning, so I thought I might take a few to figure out what it is I am doing on UTGT this month. Obviously, we have my obnoxiously-self-serving "K2's Top 40 for 2009" - my own contribution to the vast array of narcissistic top wine lists out there in cyberland, as well as my cohort Shannon's top picks. Of course, I will be featuring the incoming wines of my new friend Terry Hughes and his Domenico Selections - amazing values from Italy, as well as some "champippley" reviews, a bit of reflection on the past year in the wine business, here in Kentucky and around the country, and the usual skewed perspective from yours truly.

Stay tuned.


Terence said...

I shall be happy to grace your cyberpages with quotable bons mots.

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