Friday, November 6, 2009


The “silly season” (the holidays for those at home) is fast descending and as luck would have it, we here at D.E.P.’s Fine Wine & Spirits (the wine store formerly known as Liquor Direct Wine & Spirits) is short-staffed. Before the parade of “sounds-like-a-personal-problem-to-me” jokes come out, let me just say that not having enough people on hand to handle the business makes for a “tumultuous” holiday season. Hell, it’s no wonder my blood pressure is way up. Yet the guy bearing the brunt of it all, is our newly-ordained Fort Thomas store manager, Matt, who seems to already be working holiday hours, and we ain’t even in the thick of it yet. If he was getting paid by the hour, his overtime costs would probably bankrupt the company.

It has me thinking, “what irony?” because of the still recovering economy, and unemployment up in the double digits, we should, by a simple law of averages, have a stampede at the door looking for work. Yet it seems every able-bodied person we do hire decides to fuck-all and not show up for their first day. Nice, right?

It is just another little nuance to make the business we are in all the more interesting. BTW, if you are in the Cincy area, and know a little bit of something about wine, and you need a job – send us your resumé at Come join the team – we need ya.


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