Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It’s very cool that WBW is being hosted right in my own backyard, courtesy of Tim Lemke at Cheap Wine Ratings. It’s doubly cool that this WBW post will make our 200th post at Under The Grape Tree. SO in keeping with the spirit of Tim’s blog, and staying true to our goals here at Liquor Direct, I give to you the Cono Sur Organic Pinot Noir 2007 ($9.49).

For a bit of background on Cono Sur, this producer, which is located in the Colchagua Valley of Chile, is striving to become both the top organic wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as the leading producer of Pinot Noir in South America. With this venture (this joins the already staff favorites entry-level Pinot Noir ($7.98), Vision Pinot Noir ($11.98) and 20 Barrels Pinot Noir ($21.98) that we currently have in our stores.

Cono Sur currently has over 200 acres of Pinot Noir under vine and is all done using sustainable agricultural techniques, employing old world winemaking with state-of-the-art green viticulture.

This particular Pinot Noir is light-bodied, with an almost-cherry red hue. Its grape/cherry bouquet is fragrant and inviting, offering notes of bright berry, candy and cola as well. On the palate, there are more grapey notes, with bright fresh cherries and red raspberries, a bit of pomegranate as well. Also present are just the tiniest glints of spice and menthol, and a nice candied cherry finish. Its juicy, vibrant and has a really nice finish. It would be a nice accompaniment to Pastel de Chocio (beef, chicken and corn pie) – a traditional Chilean dish – or everyday American food such as pizza, pasta and burgers.

Go green with this delicious, inexpensive Pinot Noir. Your palate and your environment will thank you.


Tim said...

Thanks for taking part this month. You're the first, and possibly the only, one to bring pinot noir to the table for this theme. Sounds good. I'll have to check it out. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Aha! There's another one who went for the Cono Sur organic line. Nice stuff indeed. I liked their cab/carmenère, although I am still a little iffy about the candyish aroma that crept through the nose.

winesleuth said...

I'm not entirely sold on Cono Sur, I find the candy-ish aromas a bit off putting in their wines. The Ona p.n. by Anakena is a great wine but does cost a bit more.