Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Grade: AMAZING. The Mojo: Terry Thiese calls this white wine the best Hans Setzer has ever produced. Bold statement from one of the premier importers of Austrian and German wines. For years I have shied away from Austrian wines chiefly because of the price. Most of these Austrian beauties run above $20 a bottle, and especially in this day-and-age, you've just got to be more frugal. However, I have always, no matter how dark the economic times may be, believed that you get what you pay for, and let me tell you people, with the Setzer Riesling 2007 ($23.98), you get way more bang for the buck then you would expect. The hints of saltiness and mineral combine with lemon zest, fresh flowers, Rainer cherries, allspice and ground ginger, and a lot more. A lot is going on in this sexy beast, and the great thing about this white wine wonder is that you can actually cellar it for 5-7 years. Pretty cool. Complex, rich and decadent - it all makes for a very impressive effort from Austria.

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