Saturday, December 20, 2008


The hoopla, at least in our stores, has finally died down for the infamous Wine Spectator Top 100 list. Even though we still have some wines from that list trickling in (the Callabriga Dao 2005, Luca Malbec 2007, Argyle Extended Tirage 1998, etc.), the excitement has waned.

And just in time because the redheaded stepchild accoutrement to the WS Top 100 is the Wine Enthusiast Top 100. Couple this one with San Francisco Chronicle's Top 100 (which I would be more apt to be into), and you've got yourself a big list hoedown.

I am just waiting to compare the WS and WE lists this year because last year, someone took on the interesting task of correlating the two lists from 2007, and discovered that there wasn't one wine on both lists. NOT ONE! Don't you find that a bit odd? I don't think there was really any valid explanation than to say that it just worked out that way. Now I am not knocking those findings, I just think it strange.

And speaking of strange lists, I will be posting my own Top Ten at least (I like Dave Letterman's way of doing things) as well as listing our resident wine alien, Alfonse's Top Picks for the Year. We'll have those up next weekend so stay tuned.

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