Monday, December 8, 2008


Usually, when something new comes along, I embrace it to the point of almost smothering it to death. It's always been my messed-up behavior. Music was always that way, from the time I heard my first KISS song, to my first real band, Neverland. And sex - oy! Don't get me started there.

Blogging has become my latest obsession. For those of you unaware of the fact, I am a self-declared media whore, mugging for the local paper, doing anything to get the store in print or on TV, and now, penning commentary for the Web, here Under The Grape Tree, as well as popping up on The 89 Project and The Wine Hub. My latest addition to my blogging whoring rap-sheet is pairing wine and music as a guest on my old friend Dale Adams' Web site - The Architek. Dale is one of my oldest friends, having started out on a rock 'n' roll journey back in high school. Over the years, Dale has evolved into one of the brightest recording engineers/producers in the South, working with a host of hip/hop, R&B and alt-rock acts coming out of Atlanta. He ask me to talk wine and music because our mutual affinity for both, so you can check out my first contribution (one of I hope will be many) at The Architek. This first contribution features the music of trance blues artist Otis Taylor and the Gros Nore Bandol 2006.

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