Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weird Pairings Continued...

Wow, I never would have thought a South African Pinotage/Shiraz would pair with skyline chili. I also would never think to pair a Dornfelder with sauerkraut either (according to Kevin, it works). By the way, if you are ever confused about whether to pair a white or red with a difficult dish try a Barbera d' Alba.

Like Cheese? Pair any of our Cycles Gladiator wines with some aged cheddar or dubliner. Not sure how Adam manages to do it but they just have the perfect balance of acidity for cheese, especially the Pinot Noir.

Here are some other great pairings I've discovered...
  • Hearty Malbecs with a good steak

  • Dry Rieslings with Thai

  • Marquis Philips Merlot with the deer huntn' cabin

  • Stogies with fishing

  • Minerally Pinot Gris with chicken

  • Cognac with skiing

  • Rose with a ham sandwich

  • Good gin with tonic

Remember, never pair a wine with food that you don't like. For example, don't let your wine person sell you a Chardonnay to pair with a meal if you don't even like Chardonnay to begin with. There's no need to suffer through a wine you don't like just because someone told you it would be the "best" pairing. Also, if some snobby wine salesperson says that your palate sucks or is "oh so slightly off", you calmly respond with... "So's your face!"

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