Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I have decided, as we approach the April 1st D-day (the addition of sales tax to all our wine prices), to hang up the Recall drive on Gov. Beshear and Sen. Tori. Didn’t really take off all that much. You could definitely say the push was ineffective, but there have been bigger fish to fry, so to speak. With the state of the overall economy being tenuous at best, it’s hard to take a stand on something that “supposedly” will help education reform here in Kentucky. [Honestly, the only thing that is going to help education here in the state is if the national education philosophy is dramatically revamped – but that’s a rant for another time.]

The fact of the matter is – I hate politics! I think every last one of those bastards who hold public office is just a narcissistic crotch puppet, feeding off the scraps of the rich and gluttonous – oh, I’m sorry; wrong meeting. The anti-establishment anger management meeting is next week down by the docks.

Like it or lump it, I’ve got to just go with it. So the petition is off the blog, and the venom I let loose upon the politicos down in Frankfurt will be silenced for now. I want to spend my energy on wine and all its accoutrements, not on donkey/elephant sadism.

We know return you to your regularly schedule wine buzz.

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