Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ode to Liquor Direct...

That's right, folks! My last day here at LD is next Saturday. Maybe I'll dress up like Betty Page and bake cookies for my last tasting.

Am I selling my soul to the "evil empire"? Whatever. All I know is I will have fun, work hard, kick butt, and take names. I also have a book challenging enough to keep me on my toes and always learning. Maybe someday Kevin and his Angels will be meeting every Wednesday for a Master Sommelier study group. I am sure we will all get along fine if there is no physical labor involved. ;-)

And, for my ode...

Cavanaugh: I appreciate all the opportunities to release some aggression by letting me beat you unmercifully.

Kelly: Thanks for all the love notes and smelling like candy every time you walk by.

Amy Triv: Did I ever thank you for beating up that bouncer for me?

Tom: What will I do without your gangster attitude?!

Shannon: Sharing that position was sometimes worse than the most annoying college group project. I can't think of anyone else I would have rather shared it with.

Kevin: I owe my knowledge, empowerment, wisdom, and motivation to you. You have set the stage for becoming the best I can be in my future endeavors and would absolutely love to sit in one of your wine classes someday.

Mark: Not sure I will ever be able to get all your bird/farting/whistling noises out of my head.

Greg: You always made me feel like I am part of the Depenbrock/LD family. Thank you for hiring me even though I didn't know what grape was in a white Burgundy. You must be doing something right if your employees are getting kick ass gigs!

Alfonse: Thanks for dish pan hands and laughing at my sadistic jokes. I'll miss you man!

Matt: You are all around a cool dude. I SO wish I had a single friend worthy of you.

Corey: You already know you're the best one we've got. Thanks for carrying us at times.

Christina: YOU are Corey's wife?! I really didn't mean anything bad about that. You're just hot, that's all.

Brandon: Way to watch the table for me sometimes even though you hate it and making me try some pretty kick ass beer.

Ray: Good luck at LD2. I'm sure Greg will love you even more than he did Sean.

Jimmy: Thanks for not ever wearing Carharts to work. ;-)

Rob: You better buy a shit ton a liquor from me!

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