Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Grade: OUTSTANDING. The Mojo: For all you eco-friendly fans, here is a real treat. Mike Benziger and family have created a delicious, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, molded in the vein of terrific white Bordeaux, with aromas of lemons, honeydew, grapefruit and fresh cut grass. Slightly sweet lemon and lime fruit are up front on the palate, and the solid backbone of acidity lends to its light, lively finish. It’s really like a sunny Summer day in a glass. Derived from 60% Lake County fruit and 40% Sonoma County fruit, this Sauvignon Blanc is completely tank-fermented, and the wine itself is a product of the Benziger family’s continuing efforts at certified sustainable agricultural methods – no chemicals, no machines, nothing but farming as Nature intended. This wine is a testament to their resolve, and a showcase of how being eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or integrity.

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