Friday, March 27, 2009


A few things are swimming through my head these days so forgive me while I dump them out into cyberspace to clear the way for more stuff...

First off, one of my two assistants (more commonly known to my sales reps as Kevin's Angels), Jessica Stambaugh, has taken a sales position with the Crane Division of Southern Wine & Spirits in Kentucky. Her last day I believe is the 6th of April, which is quickly approaching. Jesse's been here for a few years now, and (trying not to sound too arrogant) I have considered her one of my proteges. I realize I am no Kevin Zraly or Robert Parker, but I have always hoped my passion for this business is infectious, that mad striving for ultimate wine geekiness that becomes contagious in this industry.

Jesse has defined that passion for wine and has become a favorite amongst our customers and staff. I've come to rely on her no-nonsense approach to things, and her tomboy personae has helped take on some of the product-moving burden we have around here; she is never afraid of heavy work and doesn't mind getting dirty. I can count Jesse amongst my most trusted colleagues and friends, and have to say (without caring if I sound arrogant about this now) I am really proud of her and all she has accomplished. We'll all miss her around here, but I think me (and my back) will miss her most of all.

Second, I've been dealing with the recent change in distributorship for TGIC Importers here in KY and still as nervous as being left alone with my prom date. Still not sure what to make of the new partnership, but fortunately, old friend Larry Gurner has taken over the reins as regional manager here in the Midwest. Initiation of our first order isn't quite finished - pricing is still being negociated.

April 1st is days-away and there are two things happening (Not just April's Fools Day, or maybe that is all it is) - one good and one REALLY F-n bad.

The Good? Under The Grape Tree's first b-day. Hard to believe it's been a year already since I started publishing this self-depricating schlock but oh, how time flies. I appreciate all the folks who tune in almost daily to read my latest soapbox rantings.

The REALLY F-n Bad? April 1st begins the moronic endeavors of our corrupt, greedy, pinheaded Bureaucrats downstate instituting the latest sin tax increase on wine and spirits. I know that this is just to cover up the gross ineptitude and mental and fiscal deficiencies (as well as alleged bootlegging) in all those dry counties that can't seem to get up and take care of their own shortcomings, that they must rely on the hard-work of 25% of the counties in KY. It's a really ingenious thing that wasn't solved when they increased the wholesaler tax to 11%, now we get the added bonus of a 6% sales tax. Fuckin' genius I tell ya.

April, to quote one of my favorite poets, is the cruelest month, but hopefully, that will prove nothing more than poetic allegory.


Jesse said...

I love you man! :-(

Jesse said...
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