Friday, January 16, 2009


Only 3 issues old, Mutineer Magazine has really struck a chord with me. Finally, a wine magazine that I feel, is actually worth reading. If for no other reason that it speaks to the relevance of wine in MY WORLD, not some hot shot collector who buys and sells wines at auctions around the world. This is the 21st Century wine mag for anyone who is passionate about wine and wants to drink WITHIN their budget.

Alan Kropf brings us a well-written, entertaining magazine that is not pompous or narcissistic, beating its chest of its own importance. Alan and his staff have something to say. His current issue has Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine 2.0 bandleader who has almost single-handedly turned traditional wine writers upside down. There are interviews with writer Amy Reiley (the cookbook FORK ME SPOON ME), sommelier George Skorka of renowned L.A. wine bar Bottle Rock, a look at Washington State Breweries, and even our good friend, Tim Lemke of Cheap Wine Ratings is featured in the article on "Blogs You Should Be Reading."

We hope to carry it in our stores soon, so watch for it at both locations, and you can always check them out at Mutineer Magazine. Put the old-foagie rag down and get with the future!

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