Thursday, January 8, 2009

Broke as a Joke...

Well, the holidays are finally over for us retail work horses! I anticipated a relatively easy first day back in the office after the new year. Of course, I was denied when Kevin handed me a list of close-outs to create that was approximately eight inches thick. However, I stocked my wine cooler with some kick ass wines for dirt cheap so he was forgiven.

Is everyone as broke as I am after showering our loved ones with all the gifts we can afford? I've got some great wines in mind that will fit nicely into your tight little, umm, budgets.

Monte Oton Garnacha...fruity and spicy...$6.98

LVF white...delicate and well balanced white Rhone blend...$7.59

Avalon Cabernet...I dare you to find a better Cab for the price...$6.98

Windmill Zinfandel...jammy and yummy...$7.98

Arancio Pinot Noir...a nice under $10 Pinot, seriously...$6.69

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