Monday, January 26, 2009


One of the biggest highlights for local diners and visiting foodies alike has been that one of the country's top restaurants is right here in Cincinnati. Jean Robert at Pigall's has been the highest rated restaurant in Ohio in Mobil's restaurant guide for some time now, and all that changes now that Chef Jean Robert de Cavel has left the group he began with partners Martin and Marilyn Wade and Pigall's closes its doors for good. As a former employee of Chef (albeit a very brief one, working as a server at the now-defunct Pho Paris), I can't imagine what is going through his former employees' minds. Working for Chef Jean-Robert inspired one to be the best they could be. You wanted him to recognize your abilities. You wanted him to see that you could bring your A-game every night of the week. The restaurant community will anxiously wait to see what he has up his sleeves in the coming months. I know he'll be back with an extraordinary place. Despite the sluggish economy, Cincinnati should have a restaurant the caliber of Pigall's, and the Maisonette before it (which Jean Robert was Head Chef as well). Until then, the economy claims another dining institution.

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