Friday, August 22, 2008


"As fashion magazines (and Cin Weekly) break their fall fashion line-up, hot trends surface to accompany the cooler weather we are looking forward to.

Since I follow fashion blogs like Kevin follows wine blogs, I have noticed some parallels and trends that strangely correspond to the trends in the wine world. Let me share some with you, so that all of you fashionable people out there can look great while drinking your oh so in style wine.

1.) New York Times Style says, “The best style is almost always a result of an unexpected combination of good and less costly things.” We find this to be especially true at Liquor Direct this upcoming season. While our palates may be refined and can notice the differences between Penfolds Grange and Yellow Tail Blends, just as a couturier notices the difference between a hand sewn hemline and a manufactured one, it doesn’t hurt to throw something inexpensive and delightful into the mix.

2.) You might call it the Spanish Renaissance. Featured in Cincinnati Magazine this month is the runway portfolio show for the seniors of the Cincinnati School of Design. One senior cited Spanish flamenco dancing as her inspiration for her fashion designs. My favorite section of the store for this fall happens to be Spain. Some of these wines are young and hip, and inexpensive at that. Take a look at Monte Oton Garnacha, or the crowd pleaser Red Guitar Tempranillo, both happen to be under $8.00, spicy, and leave something to the imagination. (One customer was even persuaded to buy this wine because her hair scarf matched the label on the Monte Oton!)

3.) The fashion people may be calling this fall’s most popular color plum, but we call it burgundy. That’s right, it’s time for you to put away your white wine and warm up with something red. Look forward to a delicious new Pinot Noir, hot off the racks this fall, Willamette Valley. The name comes from the appellation, and offers some very nice Burgundian-styled wines.

So there you have it, some effortless ways to drink chic (and cheap) this fall."

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