Friday, August 15, 2008


"Well, since Kevin beat me to writing about our special trip to a nifty “little” warehouse, I guess I’ll gloat about the trip Shannon and I took to Louisville Monday for the Cutting Edge tradeshow. By the way, I spoiled my girlfriends with a bottle of Clio El Nido that I brought home from our little retreat to the warehouse (don’t let them fool you…they usually drink PBR or cheap wine with me).

We ended up showing up at the tradeshow a little early yesterday because we can’t help but be antsy about getting out of our LD gear and dressing up like girls to taste some awesome wines from Cutting Edge. This time we decided to do things a little different by tasting through all the whites first and then the reds (FYI… this is old school. We feel it is best to taste whites in between so you don’t have to stuff your face with so much cheese to cleanse your palate).

Just a few highlights among all the incredible wines we tasted:

Susana Balbo: The “reserve” Malbec gave me a gentle reminder of why I used to sell the hell out of her stuff. This one had tons of fruit with that patented toasty vanilla nuance.

La Posta: It was nice to taste the Malbec since the only bottle I’ve tried in the past was corked. Again, I can see why the blend flies off our shelf.

A to Z: I am sure most of you are already aware, but this producer has some pretty fantastic stuff. The Night and Day with a super complex nose and a funky Bordeaux taste stood out the most.

Bodegas Muga: For those of you who have not yet jumped on the Muga wagon, these wines are not overrated.

I think we will leave for the show a little later next time so we are able to hang with the crew afterwards (Mark, Steve, and Tom). Even with a busted kneecap from working out too hard, Mark offered to take us out on the town. What a nice guy!!"

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