Monday, August 4, 2008


So through 1 Wine Dude (Certified Specialist of Wine Joe Roberts’ blog), I discovered a fantastic new site called The 89 Project. This new blog site is chock full of wine blogging contributors, all chiming in on the poor red-headed step-bastard of reviewed wines – the 89 pointer. This score is probably the worst score anyone could bequeath a wine simply because it falls just short of the illustrious 90+ score. So many myopic wine shoppers, who base their purchases on scores alone, overlook the 89 point wines for no other reason than it didn’t rate 90 or higher.

With great consistency, the contributors to this site review a particular 89 point wine that has garnered that score from any one of the major wine publications (Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast, Stephen Tanzer) and shows just what people hell-bent on 90-plusers are missing.

It’s a beautiful site, a welcome addition to the Revolution of mind and palate on the World Wide Web. Check it out at The 89 Project.

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k2 said...

My first contribution to the 89 Project is up at I choose the Juan Gil 2005 which scored 89 points with both Spectator and Tanzer.