Friday, December 4, 2009


Continuing with my introduction to the wines of Domenico Selections, the sole Piedmontese offering from Strappo and the gang is the Cascina Gilli Vigna del Forno 2006, a red wine made from 100% Freisa. I know what you are saying: “what the f*%# is Freisa?” Well, here you have an obscure Piedmont red grape that is similar to Nebbiolo in its tannic and acidic content. Generally, the grapes primarily produce a slightly effervescent wine with hints of sweetness.

Yes, you heard right. Sparkling wine.

However, here you have a still wine, with marked intensity, pronounced raspberry and blackberry aromas and flavors, and even a hint of red flowers and spice. The tannins are softer than generally found with this grape variety, which is good, because it has a much softer tone on the palate. This wine is definitely more a walk on the wild side than the usual suspects from Piedmont or elsewhere, and would give your next lasagna or pasta dinner a big boast.
Freisa is a grape variety rarely done outside of Piedmont (though I seem to remember Bonny Doon making a Freisa sparkler some time ago). Think outside the box and give this one a try!


Terence said...

I love the grape and this wine in particular.

Maybe it's just me but I think it's almost as good on its own as it is with food.

k2 said...

Think I may take a bottle home tonight!

chiara said...

Well Keith, your post on freisa was really impeccable! I am glad you liked the wine and even more glad people are starting to getting to know this still little known grape. And wait till you'll try the 2007 Vigna del Forno...even better!
ciao from Piemonte
(from Cascina Gilli)