Thursday, December 10, 2009


Another great wine from Strappo and the gang at Domenico Selections is the Reale Cardomone 2006, an extremely unique red blend from Campania. One thing that struck me as both peculiar and intriguing about Domenico Selections was the number of wines they represent from Campania vs. the rest of the country. One thing I have learned since my initial introduction to these wines, there are a lot of great wines from Campania not getting the attention that they deserve.

The Reale Cardomone 2006 is a blend of 70% Piedirosso and 30% Tintore, a rare red grape even by Campanian standards. This wine is completely native Campania, seeing primarily tank-fermentation, with zesty, lively notes of cherries and red pepper. With well-balanced acidity, this red would be a very durable food-pairing or an aperitif. Give something truly original a try with your next meal at home.

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