Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was just reading Steve Heimoff’s latest post on more perimeter wine regions in California like Suisin Valley and Lake County, and it occurred to me that, especially Lake County, just doesn’t get enough attention in the media. Granted, if you spoke of this region 5 years ago, most folks would either shrug or cringe at the thought of it. Yet I recently stumbled onto a terrific Cabernet Sauvignon from the region from Line 39.

The Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 is one of those great wines you cannot wait to tell customers about: full-bodied red, great flavors, and really affordable. Long-time friend Vern Shoemaker came by a few weeks ago along with our SWS/Crane manager Harold Greenman, and we tasted the Line 39 wines, and some of the sister wines from Redtree. All of these beauties, being produced by Cecchetti Wine Company in California, are really great values, coming down the pike at a time when we could use more wine values. Vern has this old Wolfman Jack-inflection in his voice, raspy and rich in baritone. The Line 39 Cab too, lends itself to a smoky, dark red fruit character, with elements of sitting in an old cedar chest being up to one’s eyeballs in red currant and wild raspberries. There is surprising density for this wine, which clocks in at the $10 price point.

I was impressed enough with this wine – as well as the accompanying Lake County Sauvignon Blanc 2008 – that I made them both our September Wines of the Month. It has proven difficult, if not impossible at times, to find a good under $10 red from California, but luckily, good friend Vern and the folks at Cecchetti have delivered one sure to generate repeat consumption.


LYNN said...

I just picked up the Line 39 2006 Cab on a whim - needed a red for dinner and grabbed it. What a very pleasant surprise! I'm not a wine person per se, but I agree that this wine is a real find..

Anonymous said...

I just picked this wine up also. I enjoyed it very much. Great Value. I'm more of a zin guy. But I might pick up a case of this to get an additional 20% off. I agree with your comments.