Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am not a really big fan of television anymore. Too many of my favorite shows end up getting cancelled (My Own Worst Enemy, Life, Millenium, etc., etc.) and I absolutely abhor reality TV – the machination of Satan himself (anyone who doesn’t think the Bachelor or Survivor wasn’t a vision of Beelzebub is deluding themselves). Which is why if I am going to watch anything anymore, I want to get something out of it. My wife and I watch a lot of cooking shows, home improvement shows, and some stuff on History Channel and NatGeo, but she stumbled onto a very cool show, starring Zane Lamprey called Three Sheets. It airs on the Fine Living Channel, which is where all you Emeril, Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart fans can find them these days, as well as stuff like The Thirsty Traveler, Pairings with Andrea (as in Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson) and NapaStyle (with chef Michael Chiarello).

Anyway, Zane Lamprey is the ultimate international barhopper, migrating from one exotic locale to the next, whether it be Moscow, New Zealand, Croatia or Las Vegas. Along with his cast of characters including Jim the Cop, Steve McKenna, Curtis the Cameraman, and Pleepleus the stuffed monkey, Zane finds the wildest ways to get drunk, and the equally bizarre ways to cure those monster hangovers.

Check out the Three Sheets page on the Fine Living Network’s web site and watch full episodes, get the drinking lingo, learn drinking games, and get into the spirit of things. It is a really fun show that shows the remarkable universality of imbibing, and brings right into your living room.

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Maman said...

I love watching Zane... and Steve McKenna....