Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday, I had planned on sitting down to a few wine samples and knock out some tasting notes for the blog, yet without much warning, the remnants of Hurricane Ike came to town and blew a Championship breeze up all our skirts, toppling trees and tearing off shingling and ultimately, knocking out the power for over a day (most in our area are still without power).

Now, I am certainly not comparing our plight to the recent storms that have pounding the Gulf coast this season. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the folks in Texas, Louisiana, Haiti, Cuba, and everyone in the Caribbean.

It made me realize how lucky I am and how lucky we all are to at least be land-locked (that is until the next tornado comes ‘round). I was grateful that my home dodged most of the flying debris (save for a chimney topper that came off our roof), and that my wife and “herd” was okay. I realize that many of us get enormously stressed-out during times of crises, yet it is during those times that we need to band together and help each other. On the way in, I heard a guy on the radio talk about how he ran an extension cord to his neighbor’s house so his neighbor could save the two hundred bucks worth of groceries he had just purchased due to the power outage. Things like that are what this community needs.

I only wish everyone could be like that.

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