Friday, September 12, 2008


Making up for a lack of levity in this business, I just recently stumbled onto a new wine blog that I think, really stands out amongst the huge throngs of wine bloggers out there in cyberspace. Thanks to Tom Wark over at Fermentation, I discovered a very cool blog called HoseMaster of Wine, a fairly new blog by Sommelier Ron Washam, who leaves me with the impression of being Jon Stewart (of the Daily Show on Comedy Central), Dennis Miller and a little David Letterman, only with an obsession with wine and Hollywood starlets.

Sometimes, in this business especially, we get so impassioned with all the latest trends, and the different happenings, that we start taking ourselves too seriously. Ron Washam gives us a totally left-of-center bent on wine, injecting massive doses of pop culture references that makes you feel as if Gary Vaynerchuck and the folks at YouTube just sired a demented offspring drunk with delusions of world domination.

For those of you who want to be entertained, I highly suggest checking out Ron’s blog.


Ron Washam, HMW said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to thought of as the offspring of Jon Stewart and David Letterman--I can only imagine what that sex was like. Who was driving?

I am just trying to inject some stupidity and levity into a business that is disproportionately serious about its doings, while still making some relevant remarks about wine. The girlie shots just give me an excuse to cruise sites my wife wouldn't let me look at otherwise.

Thanks again, Kevin. I'll add your site to my Blog list.

k2 said...

Thanks also. I have to say my jaw dropped open with Sharon Stone. Wow! Aside from that, my end of the business is filled with a lot of sweating and sore muscles (from moving cases of wine around all day), a big strain behind the eyes (from my staff and all this damn wholesaler consolidation) and a sore tail (courtesy of the boss), so it's nice to hunker down in the office to someone who's informative and funny as hell. Keep it comin'!