Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Isn’t it ironic? Without sounding too whiny, like Alanis, allow me to proceed and regale you all with an unfortunate incident that happened to me last week.

Whether it’s the wonderful weather conditions of the Cincinnati valley or merely just allergy season, last week I was struck down with a cold in which my head swelled and ached like a huge canker sore. Not fun.

What made this even worse was the fact that I attended during this time one of the best tastings I have been too yet, with a plethora of fine, once-in-a-lifetime type wines to try. Too bad I felt as if I was sniffing the noses as if in a vacuum, and sipping delicate sips as if sipping cough syrup.

Seriously. If you asked me what I thought of Sassacaia, I could honestly respond, “It had absolutely no nose and tasted of Vicks, with a scratchy, mucus finish.” The elusive Champagne Salon? “The nose worked like nasal spray, and the palate was pure Alka-Seltzer.”

The only thing that I could actually taste all day was a spread of liver pate. And I wished I hadn’t.

So, what to do in this business when you’re sick? Just not show up? Just not try the wines presented to you?

My guess is that you soldier on, and trust your neighbor’s opinion. Luckily for me, my neighbors at the tasting were Jess and Kevin. They loved the wines. Perhaps the only thing they were sick of was listening to my pseudo-smoker’s cough and nasally complaints. But I thank them for describing the nose and palate of the wines.

Maybe imagining is better than the real thing anyway…?

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