Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Grade: OUTSTANDING. The Mojo: The Tormaresca Chardonnay 2007 from Italy's Puglia region is a really nice surprise for those of us (like myself) who find Chardonnay (other than Premier and Grand Cru white Burgundies) flabby and boring. Here is a remarkably light, crisp Chardonnay, aged completely in stainless steel tanks so that there is nothing but the fruit to showcase. Aromas of fresh sage, star fruit, guava, pineapple and Meyer lemon come through with an inviting pitch, followed by notes of Bartlett pear, Fuji apple, fresh herbs, and lemon zest, to give you a refreshing style of Chardonnay that will match up well with grilled chicken and seafood dishes. The slight hint of malolactic fermentation gives it depth and richness that is usually lacking for the under $12 category. This is definitely worth a taste.

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Viviane said...

I tried this chardonnay in a small restaurant in Chicago and I loved it. Surprisingly rich in flavors.. try it if you have an opportunity.