Saturday, July 26, 2008


"I am sure you fellow college grads remember the annoyance of group projects and are well aware that the key to a successful project is communication. Lets just say that my partner, Shannon, and I have been experiencing the never-ending group project. We are both assistant wine buyers for LD. Allow me to paint the picture…we alternate days in the office Monday through Thursday. If Shannon is in the office, I am opening the store and running the floor and vice versa. On these days, we are both performing the same functions; researching customer requests, making sure stores are fully stocked, researching press, tasting wines with distributors, taking care of reimbursements, ordering wine, creating delivery manifests for all stores, advertising, and whatever else Kevin gives us. We also work the wine tastings on the weekend. Needless to say, we LOVE our Sundays.

Sounds glamorous, eh? Sure does until you see our sweaty arses in the warehouse flinging around cases of wine with stained black hands. Being able to beat a man at arm wrestling is not so glamorous. “Oh man, I believe today will be a three-stacker in the van.” The beauty of it is this…no need to hit the gym after work.

Here’s another beautiful thing…Shannon and I are two completely different kinds of people. This makes it all the more interesting. Shannon is soft-spoken, well-mannered, studious, likes purses, pretty dresses, and you will NEVER hear her drop the “F” bomb. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I fish, wear cut-off jean shorts often, swear like a sailor, can be a little abrasive, like bad independent films, and am easily amused.

I always seem to surround myself with people that are nothing like myself because it keeps things interesting. I think I may be a little too outspoken for Shannon at times, but in the end, we make one hell of a team. One thing we do have in common. We LOVE vino and our jobs!!! The saga continues..."

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