Tuesday, July 15, 2008


For those of you who didn’t get a chance to participate, we had our staff showcase wine tasting this past weekend. The rules were quite simple. Every wine staff member from both store locations chose a wine to pour for the tastings. This could be any wine, no matter what the price, as long as we carried it and was currently in stock. Every customer who tasted all five wines was asked to vote for their favorite wine. The winners from both store locations won bragging rights along with a display of their favorite wine or wines through December 1st. Needless to say, we had a rather versatile spectrum of wines from all over the world on the tasting tables over the weekend.

And the winners are….Ray Burwick from the Fort Thomas store and me from the Covington location. Ray chose Alto Moncayo 2005 which is an awesome Spanish red made from 100% Garnacha. We all knew as soon as he picked his wine, it would blow all of our wines out of the water. We were just jealous we didn’t think of it first.

I came in a close second with three votes shy of Ray’s wine with Descendientes De. J. Palacios Petalos, a 100% Mencia from Bierzo, Spain. Not bad considering the Petalos is over $20 cheaper than the Alto Moncayo. ;-) I did, however, enjoy the rest of the Moncayo after the tasting Friday night as I decorated my new apartment (just a warning folks…it’s 16% alcohol). Thanks Ray!! Keep an eye out for our displays at the stores because our palates are obviously very similar to yours. Although, I honestly thought my wine wouldn’t do as well as it did as some people might find Mencia to be a little weird. Come to find out, you all have the coolest palates ever!

The rest of the wines also did especially well. Mike Harney came in a close third with Sokol Blosser Evolution NV. Evolution is a unique white blend of nine different varietals from Oregon. I thought it was a pretty cool how a $15 white blend beat out some higher end red wines. So… TAKE THAT red wine snobs!

While I am on the bragging subject, we tasted some spectacular wines with Audrey from TGIC importers tonight. One of which was a Bordeaux varietal blend by Montes called “M”. All I can say is the Montes “M” puts the 2005 Bordeaux craze to shame. Ooohhh baby! It’s usually $85 and we’ve got it on sale for $65.

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