Monday, June 16, 2008


So I took a week off from the hustle-and-bustle of wine buying to spend some quiet time at home with the wife and the herd, and get a fresh perspective on things. I’m sure that those of you who really know me can understand that me taking a week off is almost tantamount to an apocalyptic event. Aside from convalescing, I rarely take more than a day off, so I did it right by keeping my Blackberry holstered and keeping my laptop in the bag ALL WEEK LONG.

Leaving the shuffling of vino throughout the stores to the Wonder Twins (my endearing nickname for Jesse and Shannon), I embarked on a quiet sabbatical at home. I drank some wine, ate good, enjoyed some quality couch time with the Mrs., and watched my Magnificent Seven perform volatile comedy in between catching up with the second season of Weeds.
Alas, all good things must end, and I am back in the saddle, ready to dispense some serious hullabaloo.

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